12 Amazing Benefits of Clapping!!

Thousands of healthy environment gainers from playing those ovations that were certified by scientists. Very few people know. Playing clapping and a joke and ridicule merely understand. But we’re telling you the main benefits of clapping or clapping therapy are in detail.

Today we are telling you about the important test advantages be having to make you clap. Clapping can be helpful in treating such as Arthritis Disease, Heart Disease, Weakness of the Hands, depression, common cold, headache, insomnia, and hair loss.

These are the below points which give benefits and other advantages from clapping.

1. You can do 400 Ovation/play Clapping on a daily basis, it can have cured arthritis problem. Try to follow this at least 3-4 months in morning and evening time. This is very useful in blood circulation and blood flow in hands occurs at a rapid pace. This also directly affects the nerves in which arthritis/disease occurs.

2. It also helps in reducing the hand paralysis and vibrate hands in hands, get diagnosed with the problem in 5-6 months with the help of clapping in morning and evening time.

3. Internal Organs, heart disease, Fedde worsens, disease on liver problem occur, those also can do 400-400 ovation in morning and evening time on a daily basis and get rid of internal illnesses instantly. It can also be helpful in relief of joint pain, neck and back pain as well.

4. Immune System, the disease is an important ovation in enhancing immunity. Playing applause leads to acute blood circulation in the body. The organ of the body seems to be working.

5. Veining the applause and deaminating the right way is smooth. veins, Muscles strains/The muscle strain is capable of playing ovation in the fine stretch.

6. Playing ovation, headache, asthma, diabetes is under control. Clapping/ovation is helpful in putting all over health under control. You can also get relief from digestive disorders.

7. Hair Fall/Hair loss prevents the applause from being a special advantage. Playing applause creates friction in the hands. The thumb fingers are attached to the veins head.

8. After the eclipse of every day, 400 applauses from the body is far away from all diseases. No fat Jamati and obesity in the body. Obesity, the ovation is important in keeping away from Fat.

9. Memorizing power from applause/ Increase Memory Power. Because the veins of the hand thumb are attached directly to the brain.

10. All body Pinotus are attached to the palms of the hands. So, the Healthy Body Fit Mind/ The body remains healthy and fit.

11. Clapping plays an important role in curing heart and lungs related problems like asthma.

12. Clapping also improves academic performance through skill enhancement of children.

Technique How to play an Ovation/ Clapping Hands, Steps:


1. In order to get good results before clapping one should apply coconut, olive, almond, sesame, walnut oil on the palms so that it was absorbed by the body.

2. You can do daily morning and evening 400 applause, it will keep you fit.

3. 200 ovation hands up excise and 200 ovations instead of staying in the ordinary position.

4. Paused a few seconds on the hands, when warm hands.

5. Do not eat some eat after playing applause instantly, at least 20-25 minutes later.

Playing ovation for the healthy body is exquisitely beneficial. Clapping increases the blood circulation in the body is at a rapid pace, through which your full body feel fit and fine.

Our ancestors were very knowledgeable, they knew that the person does not do well, so they added every task that is associated with our health to the Dharma so that we regularly do everything that is best for our health.

So, friends hope you all like this Blog!! You will feel more relaxed with this. Smile and spread Smile!!