7 Best Romantic Honeymoon Destinations which you can travel and spend a dream honeymoon in the world:

1. Maldives

The Maldives are the perfect destination for couples who want to escape from the world. This island country in the Indian Ocean is planned into 26 islands and almost 1200 paradisaical landmasses, many of them uninhabited. If your idea of relaxation is wakening up in a cottage on crystal clear water, the Maldives is the picture-perfect destination for you. In many islands there is only single resort, so the environment is much warmer and private. In addition, the couple can also enjoy dive and get to recognize the seabed. Enjoy electric mealtimes from around the globe.


2. Sarakiniko Beach, Greece

The island of Milo’s, located in Greece, is full of heavenly wonders. Undoubtedly it is one of the world’s most beautiful and romantic places, known for blue-hued structures and all overlook of restaurants. What fascinates about this beach is the intense blue of its waters, it’s white rock creations that also form small caves and caves on the edge. Book an intimate candlelight dinner under the stars at one of its open-air, sea facing fine dines. The journey to Milo’s can be complete by plane from Athens. It is a trip that lasts less than an hour, or if you prefer by boat from the Greek capital. A memorable destination!


3. Seychelles (Indian Ocean)

A tropical paradise located in the Indian Oceanic. Seychelles form an island country collected of 115 islands. Victoria, its capital, is considered the lowest in Africa and has the characteristics of a fishing village. It has white sand beaches and very fresh waters and exuberant vegetation. Be sure to take a boat trip through the Sainte Anne National Park to observe the local fauna. In addition, the island of Praslin draws attention to the nature reserve of the Mai Valley, in which to travel its trails, love its waterfalls, huge palms and a kind of parrot that is only there, will be an enjoyment.


4. Paris, France

We are talking about the world’s romantic destinations and not include Paris in it, how’s it possible. Paris city and capital of France, situated in a north central part of the country. This is the most famous, attractive, most romantic city and tourist place but there’s no denying that the whole city vibrates with a unique romantic vibe. Paris is home to the world’s finest and luxurious fashion designers and cosmetics. From wandering through its old streets to savoring an authentic, French meal to doing that absolutely memorable kiss in the backdrop of Eiffel Tower’s sparkling lights at twin light, a there no better celebration of romance than the French Capital.


5. Venice, Italy

Venice is another best destination and one of the most unforgettable romantic ambiance destination. It is a city for one’s bucket list. This waterfront Italian city gives the couple a chance to enjoy splendid romantic moments on gondola rides over Venetian canals. Enjoy rooftop sunset cocktails and cozy stay at the hotels. To really experience Venice, you must go to opera or to the classical music performance. All to yourself, an interesting experience and quiet experience.



6. Cala Macarella (Menorca, Spain)

Menorca is a missing paradise of our Spanish parkland. It is a portion of the Balearic Islands that, as we completely know, are situated northeast of the Peninsula, in the Mediterranean Ocean. It is a great place for all persons who search for decent beaches, natural beauty, and peacefulness. The major towns in the area, such as Mahón and Ciudadela, are places where you can find all kinds of facilities: bars, restaurants, and streets full of life. It is a wonderful place to visit. 


7. Mauritius

The Mauritius Islands is perfect place if you want to explore nature: white sand beaches, underwater landscapes, jungles and extinct volcanoes. As much for the exotic as for the climate of the island, you cannot say no to this place! In addition, several of the hotels are close to the main townships, so you will not feel isolated from the locals. This is how Mauritius Island is presented, where to enjoy and love an unforgettable honeymoon. Of turquoise waters, in the Indian Ocean, contrasting colors and with different and attractive cultures.



So friends!! Explore these places or you must visit these places once in a lifetime!