AboutHi, I’am Renuka, Sr. HR by profession and a passionate blogger by heart. I am very simple & dreamy girl. Truly believes in Lord Ganesha, soulful conversation, freedom and love writing everything that gets into my attention. I am a life and nature lover, and going on trips with friends & family, listening to music. Apart from this I love photography. I choose to write it in a place where not many people come. I can’t stop myself from sharing my own thoughts and new tips to the people through my blogs.

About Zoeylifestyle

I’m a Blogger living in India. It’s an everyday lifestyle blog where you can read everything from lifestyle, with practical tips and advice to follow. This blog is for everyone who wants to discover topics around Fashion, Beauty, Health, Wellness, Home, Kitchen, Travel, Music, Poetry, Love and Life to help your lifestyle in a better way. Zoeylifestyle blogs help you gather some quick inspiration. The main aim of this blog is to motivate people into making a better version of themselves.

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If you’re someone who wants to develop a unique and stunning lifestyle and learn everything from fashion to culture, this blog is the best place for you to spend your time and you’ll find all of the content and tips shared on this blog really informative.

If you want to improve your attire, boost your fitness, this blog is definitely for you where you’ll find a ton of useful and fresh ideas about fitness, health, wellness, and lifestyle also you can learn quick recipes, fitness related tips & beauty tricks to make their lives better and practical advice related to health and fitness so if you want to enhance your lifestyle and also touches the positivity, self-development of each and every person.

A big thank you to all the wonderful people who kept pushing me, correcting me and made sure I wrote better stuff every single time. Thank you to the people who closely follow or like the blog.