Following the Acharya Chanakya Strategies, one can make his/her life happy and successful. The strategies of Chanakya, difficulties can be easily encountered.

“According to Chanakya, some things in the world are not taught to the person, but such qualities are from birth in it”

  • The quality of charity is in the person’s nature. It is not easy to increase or decrease it. This type of habit occurs in a person from birth only. We cannot reduce this quality of any one or more because it does the work of charity and the person does according to his will.
Eligibility To Make Fair or Unfair Decisions On Time
  • Different circumstances or situations arise in life, so no one can be taught how to make a decision at what time. Proper or inappropriate decision has to be taken by the person himself. Such people who understand the right or wrong decisions during the time, they make progress in life. This type of quality happens in the person from birth.
Be Patient
  • The patient has the ability to get out of every opposite position. Poorly the bad times can be eliminated. Some people decide every task quickly and without thinking, then they have to face difficulties later. Giving knowledge of such people to people is bad only because these qualities are from birth in the person’s nature.
Sweet Talk
  • Those who speak excessively from the beginning cannot be taught to speak sweetly. Such people can change their nature only for a while, but not forever.