Your hair and scalp need some tender loving care to protect it from all the heat damage and
pollution that are causing it to be dry, frizzy and rough. That’s where a hair spa comes in. It’s a
restorative treatment that nourishes your scalp, strengthens your hair and locks in the moisture
to make your scalp healthy and your hair rejuvenated.

What’s the best part you ask? A good hair spa is accompanied by a good head massage that
melts all your stress away.

Benefits of Hair Spa

Give your Hair Extra Care with a Hair Spa.

Hair Spa

Want reasons why your hair will thank you for getting a hair spa? Here are a few:

1. Healthy roots make healthy hair

Just as a building is stronger with a stronger foundation, your hair too needs the roots to be
healthy in order to grow strong. Hair spas recover these roots from all the damage and
make them healthy by replenishing the natural oils your scalp needs. So your hair grows
healthier and not undernourished.

2. Deep moisturizing for all the heat damage

If your hair is dry, it will be brittle and it will break. With the sun damage and the heat tools,
this possibility only increases. Fight this by giving your hair the deep moisturisation it needs
with a regular hair spa treatment.

3. Fight flaky scalp and dandruff

Hair spas nourish your scalp so it isn’t dry. What does this mean? This means you won't
have to suffer from the itchiness and dandruff anymore. Now that’s awesome!

4. Glossy, silky hair

Imagine having the softest, shiniest hair you’ve always dreamt of? Feels good, doesn’t it?
It’s possible with a hair spa, specifically with the crème hair spa which focuses on making
your hair luminous. Ladies, get this treatment and make heads turn this wedding season.

5. A dose of Ayurveda

Ayurvedic hair spa is designed to treat your specific hair ailments using ancient Ayurveda
knowledge. It includes a prewash, deep conditioning with oil, application of hair mask
packed with the goodness of gooseberries, henna, shikakai, and a ton of other herbs to help
you get your best hair.

6. Stress no more!

This treatment always consists of a head massage. A good head massage is a calming
experience. You can’t help but relax as the masseuse expertly glides their fingers to the
pressure points on your head and neck sending waves of relaxation. You may even doze off,
and that’s one of the signs of a good head massage.