Friends are an essential part of your life. You have always known them, they tell you all their secrets and also have fun as true partners. But have you ever thought about going on a trip together? And no, graduation trips do not count. Traveling with your group of friends will be an unforgettable experience.


Why travel with friends or loved ones?
You are in total complicity that can be who you are in the company of yours.
It will test your limits and will do things that maybe you just would not do. You will take your side more fun.

Today we tell you about some Best Budget Travel Destinations which you can travel with your loved ones.

Las Vegas, United States

They say that “What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas”, and is that being one of the destinations par superiority to celebrate bachelor parties who better than your friends to keep secret everything that happens here? The fun begins when you arrive at your hotel in a limousine and immediately after settling in, enjoy a city that does not seem to sleep. Walk the Strip, watch the free hotel shows, rent a car in Las Vegas to take the iconic Highway 66, play at casinos, ride rides on top of a skyscraper or attend world-class shows such as of Cirque Du Soleil, or Britney Spears. Nobody will have to find out that you cores “One More Time”, clear if it is that some social network does not give you away before.

Dublin, Ireland

Known as the quintessential cultural capital and that not only has a lot of stories related to some of the most recognized authors in the world such as Oscar Wilde, James Joyce or Bram Stoker but also is home to Irish pubs or taverns and for Beyond breweries. Anyway, what I want to say is that we all know that when traveling to Ireland they have to go out at night to drink beer. The best place to do it is in the Temple Bar neighborhood, where you will find dozens of bars, pubs, restaurants and the occasional local musician entertaining the nightlife. During the day, how about getting to know the Guinness brewery or embarking on an adventure and discovering some Irish scenarios where Game of Thrones has been recorded.

Cancun, Mexico

Undoubtedly, this is one of the preferred places for both locals and outsiders to enjoy with friends a few days of rest on this paradisiacal beach in southern Mexico with a group of friends, because no matter how relaxing the day may be chilling in the sea or sun yourself on a bunk, this destination has a lively nightlife that you and your friends will love. At nightfall, this beach is equal with fun and endless parties either in one of its different hotels or in its well-known clubs such as Coco Bongo or Mandala where they can dance until dawn. Convince your friends to travel to Cancun! Because the more enjoyable the exciting will be.

Bali, Indonesia

A destination where you can certainly connect with your most spiritual side and also strengthen the ties between you is Bali. With a host of Buddhist temples to visit, it will be a trip that will test your friendship by overcoming small obstacles together, such as language or transportation. On the other hand, if you are a fan of waves and water sports, you will be in the perfect place to learn or improve your surfing movements between perfect waves and beaches of very fine sand. At night, Bali comes alive and invites visitors to join the street parties that are organized in its main avenues, where they will have incredible local experiences.

Nature in the High Tatras (Slovakia)

If you like nature and being outdoors, change the Spanish mountains through the High Tatra mountain range. This area has 25 peaks that exceed 2500 meters in height. Here you can find climbing walls up to 900 meters high, 600 km of trails and an immense wildlife; You can even contemplate brown bears!

Munich, Germany

You can visit this city in any season, however, if you and your friends want to have fun to the fullest in Munich, the best time is the month of October because when Oktoberfest is celebrated, the biggest party in the world around beer. The locals wear their typical costume while large jars covered to the top with foamy German beer begin to run through the improvised bars and tents. Definitely, this German holiday is something that can not be missed. Who can refuse to toast among friends with the best local beers accompanied by delicious bratwurst or German sausages, while shouting and dancing to the rhythm of the Bavarian accordions?

New York, USA

This is one of the most famous and diverse cities in the world, the scene of many films and people from different parts of the world, which gives it a peculiar shine, beyond the lights that adorn Broadway and Times Square. In such a multicultural destination as New York is, you will never get bored since it offers hundreds of attractions that will please even the most difficult of your friends. Here you can do everything from enjoying some of the best museums in the world, get lost in the giant shops of Times Square, climb one of its skyscrapers at sunset, see some musical at night, discover the best of its cuisine and celebrate freedom in its iconic statue.

Paradise forgot – Turkey

If you are looking for accommodation on the Turkish Riviera, you can find hotels in big places like Side or Antalya from just 10 euros a night. However, if you prefer less touristy sites without endless apartment towers, then visit smaller places like Turunç, near the cradle of the Turkish holiday in Marmaris. The beaches in Turunç are immense, but you can get to the center of the action in just 30 minutes by water taxi.

Tokyo Japan

A cosmopolitan city with the oriental touch that you will not find anywhere else. Get lost among its skyscrapers, neon lights, bars with a unique touch.  This touch will make you feel that you have traveled into the future. As a curious fact, you can visit the New York Bar. In which you can find the famous scene from the movie Lost in Translation was filmed. When the characters of Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson meet.

So that they do not think about it anymore. Finally, make that trip between friends who have waited so long. Do not think about it anymore! Take your bags and embark on a new adventure.