Skin Problems? PIMPLES or ACNE??

Home Remedies To Get Rid From Pimples or Acne

Pimples or Acne are caused by dead cells and excess fat that accumulates in the face over time and is often an annoying condition for people. However, eliminating them without damaging the skin is possible and the best thing of all is that it can be achieved with products that you can find in the kitchen.

Disappear and forget about them in a short time with these four natural remedies.

1. GarlicHome Remedies To Get Rid From Pimples or Acne

Although it sounds a little unpleasant, a simple way to remove the pimples is using garlic. At night, you can rub half a clove of garlic on the affected areas and then rinse your face with warm water. You can repeat this procedure three times a week.

2. CinnamonHome Remedies To Get Rid From Pimples or Acne


Due to the properties of this ingredient, it will help to obtain a healthy skin and to eliminate the dead cells of your face. Mix one teaspoon of cinnamon with two of honey until you obtain a pasty consistency. Then apply on the shins for about 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.

3. LemonHome Remedies To Get Rid From Pimples or Acne

This ingredient removes and disinfects skin bacteria. Squeeze the juice of a lemon and with a swab apply a little on the affected area. Then rinse with warm water. Apply this remedy only at night, since the lemon exposed to the sun could stain your skin.

4. Steam

One way to help remove and avoid blackheads is to open the pores with steam. In a bowl boil water and then place your clean face for 5 minutes near the container with a towel on top of your head to receive heat and open your pores. Then rinse with cold water to prevent pores from being affected by bacteria and place a moisturizer.

So friends!!

You must follow these home remedies tips to get rid of pimples and get naturally soft, glowing and pimple free skin.

Home Remedies To Get Rid From Pimples or Acne

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