Are you a great fan of nail art? But many times, visiting a nail art salon is just not possible. But the good news is that you can now create your own nail art with equipment that is far away from expensive that dot!

Most women can find it a little difficult to choose nail polishes, with lots of options there. Nails can be very important and special accessories. More and more people like to do their nails on their own and are quite creative and skillful. In this blog, we would like you to show you the equipment that you can easily use at home for nail art. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced, with this equipment, you can create fashionable designs effortlessly at home.

All these brushes and feathers are very easy to handle. If you use them at home or in a professional beauty salon, these pencils and brushes will never fail you. They can be used for mixing and side loading. This nail art pens and brushes set is ideal for all women practicing nail painting patterns.

Hair Pins, Safety Pins, All Pins


You can use these pins to decorate your nails which help you customize attractive nail designs that splash easily. These pins that sit a little corner in your closet. Dip the corners of these pins one end in the nail polish or nail color and create fancy dot designs in a heartbeat, dots, pattern, floral at no time. These pins tip is used to create ultra-small dots. You can use simple pins and also the fancy ones to play with different designs.

Paint Brush


Brushes can be used to make different kind of nail art design like larger dots, floral, French style and you can also practice makeup brushes to get great clean spots on your fingernails. Paint brushes can be used to make larger dots as well.

Ball Pennail-art-tools-equipment-girl

The tip of a ball pen can be used to get spotless, tiny dots on your nails. These dots look neat and more attractive. However, make sure that you use an empty pen to get a cleaner look and one-piece finish. Ball pen also helpful in making easy designs within a minute.

Tooth Pick


Toothpicks are a play an important part in your home’s equipment and also help us to create creative nail art designs. There both ends can be used to create point patterns. The pointed edge gives very small dots that can be aligned in a circle to get an expert design of nail art. You can also create different patterns like dots, regular matching designs by using the cutting edge of a toothpick.



A sharp pencil is a multi-purpose equipment for creating nail art designs. You can keep the sharp tip or you can keep it around and unsharpened. The sharp tip gives small dots while rounded tips create medium-sized dots, and the unsharpened tip gives larger points. You can have the tip pointed or you can keep it around and blunt.

Match Sticknail-art-tools-equipment-girl

Matches form an interesting equipment of nail art dotting that offers two rounded dots of size. You can use the two ends of a match to get the desired point. The black side gives a rounded point, while the smooth side produces a square dot that looks really unique.

Sewing Needlesnail-art-tools-equipment-girl

These needles make a huge impact when it comes to dotted or pattern nail art. You can also use both the end of the sewing needle can be used to create dotted nail art patterns with ease.

Fancy Ear Ringsnail-art-tools-equipment-girl

You can also use an earring to create a nail art design. Small luxury earrings have a pointed end that you can use to get clean points on your nails. Also, some earrings take the form of gems that are very small. Those small, rounded earrings can also be used to create excellent nail art designs.

I am sure you can dig our few of this equipment at home. And once you do, you will be all set for some fancy nail art. If you want your nail art design to look clean and more attractive. For this never forget to clean the tips of all the customized home equipment that you use to create your own dotted patterns.

So, friends try all these nail art equipment’s at home to create different nail art designs and patterns. Do share your feedback with us in the comment section.