Prior this month I used to be excited and pleased to witness my young brother receive a degree at the Cal-Southern Commencement in Costa Mesa. Meanwhile, then I even have been thinking about the many good selections bring success that Alexander created which led up to this celebration:


It was only timed before that Alexander had his ordinal birthday. He started his post-secondary studies when he was twenty, after having numerous years of working in the food business. He had begun a part-time job in the local grocery store when he was in high school. After that was hired by the Sales and Marketing Department of a wholesale food distribution company. He required to start his career and education at a young age and did consequently.


Alexander chose to register for a Bachelor of Administration degree with a specialization in marketing because he recognized it would help him with his career. Some people sign up for classes without a plan and spend thousands of dollars trying to figure out what they want while studying. It is never a good idea, however, to take classes unless they are going to get you closer to your goals.

Learning Establishment

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a school is whether it has approval that will be recognized by regulatory bodies in global locations. It can be very unsatisfactory to devote time and energy only to find out that you cannot get the license or job you want or are required to take additional credits to upgrade.

A Technique of Study

Alexander was happy in his job and did not need to lose revenue while he was studying so he decided to take an online program that he could do while continuing to work full-time.


Rather than taking out a Student Loan or incurring significant debt, Alexander paid tuitions as he studied. In fact, because his university was in the United States, he would watch the currency fluctuation and paid in advance when the Canadian dollar was high.


Alexander never procrastinated and didn’t ask for extensions. During the four years of part-time study, he delivered and delivered on time. In fact, during the last few months, he arranged to speed up the program in order to graduate early.


Cum Laude is a Latin term that represents one of three levels of academic honors. Alexander had a 3.74-grade point average (out of 4.0) and this earned him cum laude distinction.


There are many ways to recognize accomplishment in life but going to graduation is something that happens once or twice only. There were five of us (his parents, grandma, Alexander and me) who traveled to California where we toured the new University building, visited with staff and faculty and attended the Commencement Ceremony. For four days we enjoyed time together and built beautiful memories.

If you are thinking about changing or enhancing your career consider the benefits of having additional education, and the choices that Alexander made. Doing so will mean you are working smart instead of just working hard.

Good selections lead to success!