Happy Friendship Day!!


Friends play an important role in each and every person’s life. Friends share almost all the things in life like any surprises that we are not able to share with people or societies, are almost we share with our close friends.

The connection between friends can be a band that ties two souls end to end. We cannot distinguish between friend and partner, it is all the same for us since they are playmates and friends who share the same interests.



Friendship, and on, and on…
In this busy life
You seriously don’t expect that very little happiness can knock your door,
But once when out of the blue,
You get a red flower and a chocolate there with the huge smile,
That’s the time after you want it’s worth or value living!

“True friendship is when it is kept for many years in time, wherein the bad moments of life you know you have those people who do so much good listening to you or simply whoever is by your side.”

“A special friend is irreplaceable, where humorous and funny occasions are always present. Where distance does not affect and love is always present. Where in spite of everything the friends have our perfect shoe last.”

“There is only one thing in the world I want and that is Friendship. The things go better with friendship.”

Be happy, trust, demonstrations of love and affection all that combined so that you can find the perfect friend will always exist and will cross your path the important thing is to value and detect it in time, play for that individual who believes in you.