Holi is a famous Hindu festival, we celebrate Holi in the month of march i.e spring season every year. This festival is full of colors, love and people spray/throw multiple colors on one another and also cook various types of special dishes or the yummy recipe.

Holi Hai!! 4 Holi Special Dishes

Here I am telling you some Holi traditional foods and drinks which you can add or enjoy during your Holi celebrations.


It is a perfect drink which you can serve on the occasion of Holi. It is made up of using milk, dry fruits, saffron, some spices. Grind these and make a smooth paste and add cold milk to it. This drink gives you a lot of energy.

Bhang Ke Pakore

Holi Hai!! 4 Holi Special Dishes

These pakoras are very famous for this Holi festival. It is made up of onion, cauliflower and potato dipped in a gram flour batter with a pinch of bhang in it. Deep fry it, drain into chaat masala and serve with green mint chutney.


Holi Hai!! 4 Holi Special Dishes

It is fried a pancake. It is made up of the wheat floor, rava, sugar, add milk in it and make a smooth batter, pour the batter in hot oil in a small amount, deep fry it till they turn into golden brown, garnish it with nuts and serve hot malpuas.


Holi Hai!! 4 Holi Special Dishes

Gujiya is made up of with a wheat flour, desi ghee. Prepares a dough by mixing a wheat flour and ghee. It is stuffed with khoya, nuts, milk powder and coconut with pure desi ghee. Take a dough, make balls filled with same stuffing and seal it. Deep stir-fries the gujiyas from all the edges and serves it with thandai.

There are many things you can also try on Holi festivals like gulab jamun, dahi vada, imartis, kachori, rasogulla, Puran Poli, lassi and many more!

Wish you all with bright and colorful Holi to you and your family!!

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