A bathroom plays an important role in each and every home but sometimes we often ignored it, when it comes to decorations. The challenge is where to start and what to do when it comes to the interior, designing, and decoration of the bathrooms. The bathroom can be as simple as just adding decorated towels, scented perfumes to make the bathroom warmer, more good-looking and attractive when you look at. Try to place different kinds of towels according to your bathroom style decoration or interior instead of placing all the same simple towels.

It occurred to me that I could personalize them with some simple crafts. Today I give you some tips or ideas on how for decorating bathroom towels so that your bathroom looks much more attractive and give a cool look also. I also suggest you other designs or technique to decorate the bath towels that you cannot fail to see.

Towels to Hang

This idea is perfect for small hand towels. You only need about 10 cm of narrow tape and a sewing machine, failing that, thread and needle. At one corner, or middle of the towel, stitch a ribbon of the color you like the most. A simple idea to hang your towels wherever you want.

Stamped Name

If you have several scraps of cloth and do not know what to do with them, do not throw them away! They are ideal for this craft. Cut out the letters of your name and type them on the towel. Is not it great?

Decorative BraceletsIdeas for Decorating Bathroom Towels

A super simple craft to give your bathroom a bit of style. As you can see, you simply have to place a bracelet with pasta basins on the hand towel and that’s it. You can also try a delicate bracelet with balls covered in wool. The best choice will be the one that best suits your design style.

Tulle Ribbon

Ideas for Decorating Bathroom Towels

This idea is quite similar to the previous one. Although the tulle ribbon gives a distinguished and elegant touch to the towels, different from the bracelet that is more jovial. To realize this idea, you only need to join an artificial rose to the tulle ribbon with silicone and then place it on the towels, as shown in the photograph.

Embroidered LettersIdeas for Decorating Bathroom Towels

With this pattern of initials in the cross stitch, you will not have problems to do it. In addition to being very useful to identify your towels on a trip, for example; A hand-embroidered towel is a great idea to give something different and personalized to a special person. Do you dare to try it?

Guardians of ColorsIdeas for Decorating Bathroom Towels

You can give your smooth towels a little color, with the fabric design that you like. Take a rectangle of cloth that matches the width of the towel and make an applique with the sewing machine so that it is as neat as possible. These towels with guards are super simple to make.

Which decoration did you like the most? You must try all of them because they really are very simple and with a few materials you can renew the towels throughout the house. Go ahead and try them and do not forget to tell us how your experience was. Surely, they will be great!