Karva Chauth – A Special Day! The celebration of Togetherness. Karwa Chauth is mostly celebrated in the Northern region of India on the 4th day of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. Women fast the entire day avoiding the everyday chores. They play games and spend time with relatives and neighbors. They wear beautiful dresses by evening and start the preparations for Katha/legend about the rituals and fasting.

Many persons fast on Karwa Chauth trusting that it would boost their marital life. On this day women fast for their husband’s longevity and pray for my partner, who I want by my side through all walks in life.

“Karwa” means mud pot. So, mud or mother earth is offered holy rites on karwa chauth. As a ritual, the observers offer water (jal) and sindoor to mother earth. The term ‘Chauth’ means 4th day and Karwa is an earthen pot with a spout –which is a symbol of peace and prosperity.

The women observing fast adorn themselves in solah shringhar which means adorning from top to toe. They start making well in advance with great enthusiasm. Females buying new clothes usually pink, red or even golden. They drape sari or attire their wedding dress. Some of women trust it as optional to buy new clothes and accessories.

So, in today’s blog, you will see the process of Karva Chauth rituals, of course with my touch to it. If you’re a new bride, this is your quick guide to know all of Karva Chauth:

  • Start a day in advance, by putting Mehandi/Heena on your hands and some of them put it on the same day to divert their minds from the feeling of hunger and boredom.
  • On the main day(Fast start), wake up Before sunrise, eat food/ popularly known as ‘Sargi’. Sargi is consumed fenia – rounded vermicelli, fruits, nuts and sweet milk, which is sent by the females’ mother-in-law (and for some their mothers send). One must have enough water. Adequate consumption is a must as after this one cannot eat or drink anything tills the moonrise. As per rituals they are not supposed to eat once the sun rises. Some people observe a stricter fast by not even having water.
  • Before sunset, listen to the Karwa Chauth Katha (Legend of Veeravathi). Some pass their plates in a circle while listening to the story, some just pray to Mata Ambika. These plates are decorated with Solah Shringar (make-up items) an urn full of water or karwa, heena. To get the exact process of how to do the katha. Katha is done in the afternoon or early evening. In evening women who observing fast, should be together in large groups or at least in groups of seven women, so they plan in advance and gather to form such groups at a particular place like someone’s house or a temple. A Pandit or Panditayin or any elderly lady narrates or reads the Katha legend while the thalis are rotated.
  • Now women Rotate thali 1 to 7 time while listening katha and sing this song:  “Veera kudiye Karvara… Sarv suhagan Karvara…  Ae katti naya teri naa… Khumbh chrakhra ferri naa… Aar pair payin naa… Sui dhaga payin naa… Ruthda manayin naa… Suthra jagayin naa… Ve veera kudiye Karvara… Ve sarv suhagan Karvara…”
  • After listening to Katha, some women drink tea or coffee, as per their rituals.
  • Cook..cook all day. You can cook some delicious kinds of food if you’re that dedicated. Thankfully, here I draw a line and cook some 3-4 dishes. Imagine being around food all day and yet not eat it.
  • Then wait for the exclusive moon to rise. Somehow, I have observed that the moon takes forever to rise on that night. And if you stay in a city like Delhi, Mumbai, the high rises make the ‘moon-darshan’ even more exclusive. Some unpasteurized milk is offered to the moon. The women would pray for long life, good health of husband, marital bliss and then shall look at their husband. The diya or oil lamp is left on the terrace or balcony for the birds to eat. The female then touches her husband’s feet to seek out love and blessings and end the fast. Husband can give gifts to his wife to express love and affection.
  • After the moonrise, pray to the moon and end your fast by your hubby feeding you the first bite. You make him feel special and feel accomplished after finishing your day without giving up on your resolution. After which, you typically end up hogging all that food that you have cooked.
    So, this was my ‘Karva Chauth simplified the story, what’s yours? If you have any funny incidents, cheat moments, do share with us. We would love to know. Hope friends you like this blog.