In this post, I am going to share some life lessons for living a meaningful life that will help you to stay strong in tough moments of your life.

One day I am thinking that Life is beautiful. We face many ups and down in this life. Life isn’t that much easy as it looks. Some are really a bad experience and some memories or experience are really joyful that touch our heart and soul. Today I am sitting alone and keep on thinking that how to live their or our lives courageously with a positive attitude and how to live life to the fullest. First of all, we have to change our thinking i.e. Yes, I am changing.

Yes, I am Changing: After loving my parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, spouse, children, friends, now I have started loving myself.

I am doing what makes me happy. After all, I am responsible for my happiness and I owe it to me and also learned to live each day as if it were the last, after all, it might be the last.

I have learned that it is better to drop down the ego than to breakdown a relationship. My ego will keep me reserved whereas with relationships I will never be alone.

I keep on quiet and calm when somebody plays dirty politics to outrun me in the rat race. Because I am not a rat and neither am I in any race.

I am learning not to be self-conscious by my emotions. It’s is my emotions only that make me human.

I have learned not to bother about a crease on my shirt, top or a spot on my skirt or suit. After all, personality speaks louder than appearances.

I walk away from people who do not value me, after all, they might not know my worth, but I do.

I stopped telling the elderly people, that they have already narrated their story many times. After all the story makes them walk down the memory lane and relieves the past.

Celebrate yourself. Being happy with you is the whole idea whether young or old spend more time with yourself, you will definitely like who you are. A candle loses nothing by lighting another.

One of the toughest things about enlightening your life is memorizing to practice what you’ve learned in a moment of temptation, frustration, or hardship. Everyone can follow a strategy as they read about it, but remembering to stick with it in the real world is hard.

Live simply, Look Fab and Enjoy Life.