“Love Feeling – I want to feel the warmth of love!!”

Hold my hands, take me to another world.

Where we have time gaze the moon and feel the warmth of love.

Take me to the place, where I don’t have to think before holding your hands,

Where you can embrace me in your arms before thinking twice.

I have been thinking of love, then I thought of feeling which comes,

When someone holds your hands, and your heart starts beating fast,

Is that feeling is the feeling of Love?

When someone looks into your eyes, And praise you from bottom of his heart,

Is that feeling is the feel of Love?

When Someone close to you, Stops giving you time and frustration you feel,

Is that feeling is the feeling of Love?

Close your eyes and the person you will imagine dreaming about every night,

Is the one you will love for the rest of your life!!