Love Sayings – The One For Me!!

Love Sayings- The One For Me

 I was intensely in love with you,

I expressed it but you denied.

You told me that it is just an infatuation,

I told you it’s my love that desires your heart invitation.

You told me I don’t feel that way for you,

I told you that still, I love you.

He has disappeared now to make his own life,

I am still here boosting my essence and living my life.

It’s been one year and unexpectedly I saw him,

He was coming for me, as he realized it.

I don’t know whether I would be happy or sad,

As there is somebody else hold my hand when I was mad.

He came to me and expressed his love,

Told me that I am the one for him.

I saw him and recalled the one who was always standing with me,

So, I told him that you are perfect but I found the imperfect one, just like me!!

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