These days Mehandi, is a part of Indian Culture so that you just cannot miss a festival or wedding without a Mehandi ritual. Every girl uses mehandi designs because they want to look perfect.

Mehandi designs complete the look of an Indian girl in occasions like Teej, Karvachauth, Navratri Puja, Diwali, Marriage ceremony and many religious festivals. Are you finding best mehndi design? This blog contains the most stylish and beautiful mehandi designs which are helpful for you and you might love to try on their hands.

Mehandi Design

Peacock Design

Hailing from the older generation, the mehandi style is still very much in trend and looks extremely attractive when applied during traditional events and celebrations. Try this style in heavy pattern and make heads turn around. Such easy mehandi designs for girls always work out. Mehandi Design

.Mehandi Design

Paisley Patterns

A very popular and liked among young fashionistas, paisley patterns and motifs look vibrant with any kind of Indian wear and are quite easy to create. These designs are nowadays more craze among important functions. Try both front and backhand paisley inspired designs and take your lovely saga to another level.

Mehandi Design

Floral Design

Can anything beat forever florally inspired mehandi? I don’t think so. The Mehandi design consists of various floral motifs and leaf-like patterns are easy to make and look beautiful when comes out in dark brown color. Mehandi Design

Arabic Design

These design inspired by the western style and the modern world. It is very easy to apply and highly trendy as compared to traditional Indian mehandi designs. The pattern goes in a diagonal form all over the hand and wrist.

Mehandi Design

Full Hand Design

Mostly applied during family weddings and big events, the full hand design is the best choice to revamp your complete ethnic look instantly and make wonders. Try these beautiful mehndi designs for hands and groove like a true desi chic.

Mehandi Design

Who says that mehandi means complete hands??? Set a new example by opting for fingers’ only design and grab eyeballs. Explore all these gorgeous and best mehndi designs for hands and legs and make the most of ethnic celebrations. Hence, everything about mehndi designs is now available with you. So, what are you waiting for???

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