Nail Art is a creative way to paint, decorate, enhance the nails. With this cool nail art, you will get attention and compliments as well. You can follow many nail art designs and patterns like stars, dotted, galaxy pattern, marble pattern, only tips color, diagonal designs, outlines, tri color, hearts, caviar, Disney, polka dots, french manicure, simple dot, plain polish, striped golden glitter, leopard print etc… which is simple to do and look more attractive when anyone see this.

Today I am sharing with you nail art ideas, patterns, and designs for long and short nails.

Black-based nail decoration and diagonal brushstrokes of black color and stone finished.
Nail Art Designs
This decor is beautiful and very easy. Paint the nails in a color, then make glitter on nails like a french manicure on the tip. If you do it in silver or gold color the effect will be prettier.Nail Art Designs
Single-nail decoration with the multi-print design. Use a stick or dotting tool to do it and it will be easier.
Nail Art Designs
Original Nail design with French made in leopard. You can use a natural base, as in the photo, to highlight the design of the tip. Nail Art Designs
Perfect nail design for the summer. Make diagonal designs on each nail and diagonal lines on the nail. Nail Art Designs
Modest Design with a nail in glitter and strass on each nail. Nail Art Designs
The decoration of fingernails with leaves. You can do it on a French base or on a nail painted in a single color.
Nail Art Designs
Design for nails based on lilac or white and make silver, black lines on it on the top.
Nail Art Designs
Simple nail design with plaid decoration.Nail Art Designs
Nail Design Marble effect, original and simple to make.
Design for nails based on lilac or white and make silver lines on it on the top.Nail Art Designs
Decoration with round circles in the combination of red and white and use some dotting tool with enamel.Nail Art Designs
Geometric nail decoration with a blend of nude and glitter shades.Nail Art Designs
Nail with simple nude shades paint and you can do it on a French base or on a nail painted in a single color.Nail Art Designs
The simple and original decoration of nails with motifs. Paint the base in a clear tone and make shapes and stripes with different colors. It does not matter to follow a pattern the originality commands.Nail Art Designs

You can also add this little practice you can master the technique and have marvelous nail effect. Like Polka dots, Marble effect, French manicure, Matte manicure,  Floral Stamped Nail Arts,  Nail decoration with Matt Base and point-based decoration on a fingernail. You can also use one or two nude shades for your nails and paint a finger with a glitter color to stand out.

Simple decor with a nude base and diagonal brushstrokes of white color and dotted diagonal lines with pink color. Paint the nails in a simple color, then designs according to your different color or shape like diagonal, floral and put some glitter on the tips.  If you do it in silver or gold color the effect will be prettier.

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