Holi a traditional Hindu festival, celebrates in the month of March every year. Festival in which water and colors almost all the time all around you, so good care or protection are needed for your skin and hairs. this is the time when your skin suffers a lot. Holi is the best time to enjoy with your close ones i.e friends, relatives, family and by coloring them as well. So here I am telling you some good beauty or skin care tips for which you can protect your skin and hairs.

Pre Holi Tips To Protect Your Skin & Hair :

On this day dress up in that way, which is covering your body completely. Try to Wear the full sleeves clothes that can cover your full body which can protect you from direct contact with strong and allergic colors. Choose those clothes which are not getting translucent after getting wet. Cover your hair as well. Wear a cap or cover your hair with a scarf to save your hairs. People usually do not take it off from your hairs. Before going out for Holi, apply oil to your body, hairs, and nails in the morning with olive oil or coconut oil. Apply a thick layer, massage it on your body, hair and nails well with the oil and tie your hair in a bun. Apply a thick layer of sunscreen lotion on your face to protect it from harmful sun radiations rays.

Post Holi Tips To Protect Your Skin & Hair :

Take a lukewarm shower and try to avoid soaps or face washes, they will dry your skin. Instead of that take a coconut oil or almond oil and massage into your skin. After that take a shower again. After that moisture your body or skin with creamy lotions and gel, which can protect your skin from dryness and itching. Use Shea butter lip balm for your lips and give a thick oil massage to your hands and foot, so that it looks smooth, shiny and soft.

So try these simple tips and have a blast with colors of Holi.

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