“Chanakya Quotes – Precious Thoughts And Statements!! (Chanakya Niti)”

Chanakya, a creator in political science and classic economics in India and also a great teacher who played an important role in the rise of Maurya empire. He was also a great philosopher and thinker and his teachings & strategies have been put together in two books- Arthashastra and Chanakya Niti. Let us look at some of his famous quotes which define the reality of life.

  •  First decide, then start the work.
  • Self-viable is capable of collecting all types of property.
  •  Only a person with a pure mind, without knowledge and deception, will be made a minister.
  •  Virtue can be overcome by virtue.
  •  Speak the same language as fools by fools.
  •  Philosophy can be understood only by doing karma.
  •  Home of insects and excreta This body gives birth to sin and sin also.
  •  There is only sorrow in birth and death.
  •  The time of the King who does not know the time is destroyed by time.
  •  Understanding the time proves the work.
  •  The work gets destroyed when the idea or the secret is not kept secret.
  •  Should be equally helpful in happiness and sorrow.
  •  Lazy is neither present nor future
  •  The good son does not allow the pain of the parents.