Live in the Precious Present- Live Life to the Fullest.

“Something Sweet, Something Precious, Precious Present!”

Live Life to the Fullest

Push yourself beyond your limits where you will reveal your merits remain outside your comfort zone. Remember to create time for your own.

To restore and nourish your soul, rest your mind, heal the body, keeping yourself whole. But live in the present to create your own ethos, not dwelling in the past nor procrastinate in the future…away from all the chaos. Live in the precious present.

Allow space and time for the past, to recall and learn. Allow a place and time for the future, to visualize for what you yearn… and then get back to reality. Then

Let go, let go, let go and vow not to return to the past.

Let go let go, let go and vow not to visit the future.

The past will only bring a sense of regret and doubt. The future will only bring a sense of anxiety and fear. Tainting the present.

I want to be with the whole of you…Not fragments of your soul… don’t attach yourself to many dimensions of time. Stay here…with me right now.

Here are 5 tips for live life to the fullest each day:

  • Make a positive difference in someone else’s life
  • Do something you enjoy each day
  • Challenge yourself daily
  • Be committed to your growth.
  • Stop putting life on hold.