“Come Back, David…”

Loving someone is a divine feeling, you get close, you love to talk to him,

You share every moment of you, but when on one bright day,

The whole world was celebrating the arrival of new hope, new opportunities, new happiness,

We share anger on such a senseless now, we let our happiness ruin because of one statement,

You would have accepted my first confession, you would have hugged me and fixed it out.

But you chose to walk away from the situation, and left me alone to handle my feelings,

I wish you could have understood the importance of the day, but you left me crying all the day.

That moment my soul was shouting but I can’t, as the house was in a joyful feel of New Year,

I touched every place of my broken heart, but no one was there to collect them and bind them with the thread of love.

An unexpected situation occurred, a feel of vanishing passed in my mind,

My heart is saying don’t do it and please come back, but my mind said it’s enough now.

Between the fight of heart and mind, what suffered is the relationship building for so long.

Now there is silence all around, an unrevealed pain and there is nothing to talk about.

That one moment of anger has taken all the love, care and all the feelings that we had,

But still, hope that one sunrise will burn the hatred and you come back,

One night will freeze the past, you will come back

And we will live again with the hope of loving each other again.