Silence isn’t empty, it is full of answers.

Yes, Silence Shines! But it gets dark in the hours of the days that cut the time calendars.

Loneliness is a stone, the one that sticks to the body, it doesn’t come out anymore.

It is then necessary to look for angels with broken wings hidden in the alleys of life.

Cut that pain, from your heart, take away the shadows and dead leaves that cover the streets of autumn that gets wet on the corners and on people’s faces.

Take from you, friend, the most painful word,  the one you keep to say in churches to the saints motionless on the altars of fire.

Let us walk across the plains between horses and sheep, let’s go looking for the world to live a moment more, the one that was taken from us.

Let’s continue on our trail to the end, where nothing else exists, where the absolute void of everything reigns where we can finally raise our house to fall asleep

Then Silence Shines!!