Valentine’s Day is a time when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship. As each year comes, that great day of lovers in which it seems that everything is little to express and demonstrate the love and affection that you feel for each other.

As we know that many love to surprise that special person on that February 14, could not miss a post dedicated to the original gifts for Valentine’s Day, where you can see ideas with which you will surely surprise your partner. Do not miss it!

 Original gifts for Valentine’s Day

Give a thread to your partner and leave him speechless. Doing it is very easy. You only need a wooden base, nails, hammer and a little thread. Start by drawing on the base the shape you are going to make and then place the nails following that silhouette. The final part is the funniest and the one that gives the most play, you just have to roll the thread through the whole shape using the nails that you put to give the shape. The result is super and it takes less than it seems.

Give a Loving Pillow on Valentine’s Day

It may seem silly to give a pillow but if your partner does not live in the same city as you … this option will be the winner. Make a pillow with a message like this: “If you like or love me, hug this pillow” ? You can get a basic in any establishment that sells bedding and then with a marker or cloth paint write the message.?

Handmade Gifts for Reading Lovers

If you are one of those who like to read for sure that more than once you have seen yourself identified with a character, or even your partner, right? Well, very simple, take that book and with the book folding technique, make a word you want to say. There are a lot of tutorials and blogs explaining this technique and even free patterns so you can follow and get a result like this. How about?

Valentine’s Gift Photo Cube

Giving a frame with a photo is a very useful gift but that frame can evolve into this wooden cube, with its six faces on which you can put not only a few photos but a message of love, a word, the name of your couple, or even for the most romantic… a request for a hand.?

Romantic Cushion for Valentine’s Day

Make a cushion to your partner with a bit of felt expressing your feelings towards her, or better yet, your favorite movie, or that first trip together. The case is to faithfully capture that moment of yours. A cushion is a very useful gift as it always comes in handy, whether it’s for the sofa, the bed, or that chill-out area that we like so much.

Book in Motion for Valentine’s Day

The idea of ​​this gift is to tell a story or a message through images, how? You need to make lots of pictures that tell a story. Print them and go placing them in order so that later with a hand movement you can read all that love story you want to tell your partner.

I hope you have enjoyed these ideas so original for Valentine’s Day, to impress your partner and especially to enjoy this emotion together. If you still need more, here are easy crafts for Valentine’s Day. WHAT LIVES LOVE!

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