Hello Everyone!!

We all know its February month. This  month is full of love and sunshine, the love is in the air, the romantic air around us waking up and reminding us that we are alive. It is full of happiness and excitement. Our favorite Valentine’s Day is coming on 14th February, this day we celebrate but, in the people, we love a lot.

We have a lot of lovely gifts ideas but flowers i.e. Roses are the best way to express our feeling to another person. There are many kinds, color of roses. Each and every color of rose has different meaning and shows different expression to your loved ones.

Red Rose

(I LOVE YOU). It colors simply signifies the expression of deep passionate love. It is a traditional way to say “I LOVE YOU” and therefore red roses are the most popular flower sent on Valentine’s Day.

Image Source: Pixabay

White Rose

It stands for true love, innocence, purity, charm.

Image Source: Pixabay

Pink Rose

It symbolizes the expression of admiration, joy, grace, gentleness, thankful for something, happiness.

Image Source: Pixabay

Yellow Rose

Its cheerful color signifies the expression of true friendship, care, positivity, new beginnings, remembrance.

Image Source: Pixabay

Orange Rose

It shows the that you are passionate about him/her. It’s color means energy, desire.

Lavender Rose

The color conveys the message of love at first sight.

Peach Rose

Peach color signify sincerity, beauty, modesty. It shows the expression of love and appreciation.

So, friends just decide or pick the color of your favorite ROSE and give this to your loved one friends, family, colleagues or whom you love by your heart to brighten anyone’s or his/her day.

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